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Sencha Superior (organic)

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Authentic Japanese green tea!

Probably the most known Japanese green tea, it is not only popular in Japan but enjoyed all over the world.

Sencha is initially steam treated before further processing with hot-air drying and finally pan-frying, resulting in a pleasant sharpness and fresh flavour, qualities that are complemented by a leaf of high uniformity and rich emerald colour.

At Hibiki-an only the first flush or Ichiban Cha (first harverst of the year) is used thus ensuring that the a robust but void of bitter flavour and an obvious present fresh aroma. It has a high vitamin content, is rich in caffeïne and contains more of the beneficial nutrient catechin than other green teas.

Sencha Superior is a refreshing green tea that can be enjoyed at all times.

Organic sencha (green tea)

100 grams

Additional information

Hibiki-an organic tea farm

Midgaard is honoured to be selected as the first Belgian importer of the Hibiki-an organic green teas!

"Hibiki" in Japanese means "touching someone's heart."

Hibiki-an is surrounded by the rolling hills of Uji, in the ancient city of Kyoto, where the Japanese tradition of green tea began over 1,000 years ago.  
In Japan, when people think of high quality green tea, they think of Uji. The misty climate, sloping hills, warm days and cool nights provide an ideal setting for tea plants to thrive.
Today the Yasui family (owner of the Hibiki-an farm) combine centeries old farming, harvesting and processing traditions with modern day techniques.

There are only a few farmers that produce organic green tea in a small part of Kyoto. Although Japanese green tea can be harvested two to four times throughout the year, the Hibiki-an tea only has one harvest a year, thus guarantying an exceptional high standard of quality and flavour.
The  Japanese describe organic farming as "Daichi tono Kakutoh", which literally means "taking  a lot of time and great effort to grow".
With no use of chemical fertilizers, herbicide or pesticide, modern organic farming is identical to that of the ancient farmers.
Please enjoy the simple and traditional taste of the Hibiki-an organic green teas!


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