Satin cotton pillowcase (different options)

Satin cotton pillowcase (different options)

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Cotton satin pillowcases, pure luxury!

Our lovely pillowcases with zipper are made from 100% sustainable, ecologically grown cotton woven into satin.
Satin cotton is woven much denser than other cotton fabrics such as percaline; this makes this fabric silky soft and supple with a beautiful shine.
Cotton satin pillowcases not only feel super pleasant, they are breathable, moisture absorbing and in combination with our pillows they contribute to a good night's sleep.

Available in the colors natural (unbleached) and blue, in the sizes 40x60 cm and 40x80 cm.

These pillowcases fit perfectly on our new wool and Alpenden pillows.

Material: ecological satin cotton
Maintenance: Washable at 60 degrees

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