Sanctuary church incense

Sanctuary church incense

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Authentic Christian incense

Based on old recipes developed by the monks, this blend of pure frankincense and natural oils has its own distinctive fragrance and aromas, easily recognizable as Christian incense.

Sanctuary is a very soft and smooth incense, very suited for meditation and (spiritual) bodywork like yoga, dance...

Each box contains
55 grams of incense
5 charcoal tablets
English manual

Additional information

Prinknash Monastary

The Benedictine Monks of Prinknash Abbey (Glouchester, UK) have been blending incense since 1906, when the community was on Caldey Island and are now the oldest major incense blenders in Europe.
The monks developed unique processes for blending the purest Arabian frankincense with precious aromatic oils and spices and created superior recipes for a range of incenses.
Consistent excellence ensures that each blend has its regular devoted customers.

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