Poncho Pia (recycled cashmere)

Poncho Pia (recycled cashmere)

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Pia, a beautiful & multifunctional poncho from recycled cashmere

Pia is a classic poncho, made of recycled cashmere and wool (Global Recycled Standard certified). It is warm and soft to wear; perfect as a mid-season layer or as a full-fledged garment on cold days.
This poncho is an example of beautiful and sustainable circular fashion.

Available in Black ardesia

Super soft, comfortable and lightweight, this cashmere poncho Pia is warm and enveloping. It can easily be worn as a sweater, especially when the weather gets a bit chilly.

This beautiful, natural recycled cashmere and wool poncho has many uses:

  • as a fashionable accessory
  • to wear before and after yoga
  • during long meditation sessions or outdoor meditations
  • perfect for lounging at home

Composition: 95% recycled cashmere, 5% recycled wool
Dimensions: H80 x W95 cm
One size fits all
Color: black ardesia
Wash on delicate wool wash to avoid excessive fluff

Additional information

Old cashmere clothing is collected, processed into fibers and transformed into new sustainable yarn.
This mechanical process therefore makes it possible to save many liters of water, dyes and chemicals, thereby limiting the environmental impact. In addition, recycled cashmere avoids additional desertification of the Asian highlands where the goats that produce the precious wool are intensively reared.
The recycled cashmere is therefore GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified.

Rifò's recycled cashmere poncho Elisabetta is made in the knitting factory of Daniele (Prato, Italy) who have been specializing in cashmere clothing for years.

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