Plaine Shaving Powder Starter Set

Plaine Shaving Powder Starter Set

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Plaine shaving powder, for him and her

Plaine Shaving Powder promotes a pure ecological lifestyle: 100% minimalistic, 100% natural ingredients in a sustainable packaging, 100% body care & wellness.

The shaving foam feels lovely to the touch and its natural ingredients provides for a soft and clean shave.
Suited for shaving facial and body hair.

5 advantages of the Plaine Wonder Powder:

  • for natural shaving
  • non-scented and suited for all skin types (dermatologicly tested)
  • vegan ingredients of organic origin (BDIH)
  • biodegradable
  • practical in use and easy to dose 

Can be used for shaving facial and body hair.
Handy ready to use package, great for taking along on a trip, holiday, gym and for sure your next outdoor adventure.

Natural extract from aloe vera and liquorice
Organic origin.

120 grams (30 paper bags x 4 gram)
1 little porcelain bowl

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