Plaine 3in1 Hair-Shower-Shave

Plaine 3in1 Hair-Shower-Shave

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Plaine 3in1 Pulverwunder, the perfecte body care experience

Plaine Pulverwunder is a 3 in 1 product (shampoo, shower- and shaving soap) promoting pure ecological lifestyle: 100% minimalistic, 100% natural ingredients in a sustainable packaging, 100% body care & wellness.

The natural ingredients cleans and nuture hair and shin.
The foam has a soft scent and feel lovely to the touch.
Also suited for shaving facial and body hair.

5 advantages of the Plaine Wonder Powder:

  • complete and natural hair and body care
  • suited for all skin and hair types (dermatologicly tested)
  • vegan ingredients of organic origin (BDIH)
  • biodegradable
  • practical in use and easy to dose 

Can be used in bath and shower for washing body, face, hair and shaving.
Handy ready to use package, great for taking along on a trip, holiday, gym and for sure your next outdoor adventure.

Horse chestnut, hamamalis, wheat protein
Organic origin.

90 grams (30 paper bags x 3 gram)

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