Pinus Cembra room spray

Pinus Cembra room spray

Model: VM0299
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Swiss Stone Pine wood vaporizer

The aroma of the Swiss Stone Pine essential oil brings nature into your home, having a soothing, relaxing effect and giving you strength and energy. It is especially recommended in case of a cold or respiratory problems. Swiss Stone Pine essential oil neutralizes odours in the room (kitchen odours, cigarette smoke, etc.) and contributes to a better atmosphere.exposure to a Swiss Stone Pine may improve sleep making nights more restful and restorative

How to use
Spray some of the Swiss Stone Pine scent in a room where you need a calming, soothing atmosphere like the workplace, bedroom (before retiring to bed) or living room.

Composition: 10% Pinus Cembra essential oil - 90% alcohol
Contents: 100ml
Packaging: glass spray bottle

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