Pang Ram Pueng

Pang Ram Pueng

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Thai Buddha

This beautiful bronze Pang Ram Pueng statue is the Buddha of communication and is also the birthday buddha of those born on a Friday.

Pang Ram Pueng stand tall on a lotus trone, hands in front of his chest, thinking how to communicate Dharma (teachings of Buddha) to the people; he is also in complete spiritual comtemplation on the suffering of mankind and how he can explain this to the people.

The buddha stands a proud 1 meter high and weighs 21 kilogram.

Material: bronze
Height: 100 cm
Width: 28 cm
Depth: 21 cm
Weight: 21 kg

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Additional information

This statue is a prime example of the Sukhotai style.
Typical Sukhothai elements are the flame of enlightenment which rises from the Buddha's head, the rounded arcs of the eyebrows which meet at the center and form the bridge of the nose, the full lips delineated by incised lines. Its proportions are classical as well, with the Buddha standing tall, slender and upright upon a lotus base. Having absorbed traditions of China, India, Cambodia, Burma... Thai artists resolved many influences into a true national style set out in the 13th century which still dominates Thai art, preferring qualities of quietude and an ornamented stillness that express Thai sensibilities.

Thais today have a fairly romantic perception of Sukhothai as a kingdom of happiness. Actually, this perception is partially based on historic records. A famous stone inscription reads in part: "This Muang Sukhothai is good. In the water there are fish, in the field there is rice. The ruler does not levy a tax on the people who travel along the road together, leading their oxen on the way to trade and riding their horses on the way to sell. Whoever wants to trade in elephants, so trades. Whoever wants to trade in horses, so trades. Whoever wants to trade in silver and gold, so trades".

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