Pancha sneham kuzhambu massage oil

Pancha sneham kuzhambu massage oil

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Pancha sneham kuzhambu rejuvenating massage oil

Pancha sneham kuzhambu is a classic Ayurvedic massage oil formulated with sesame oil, castor oil, ghee, coconut oil and various traditional medicinal ingredients that have rejuvenating properties.
This thick, viscous oil is particularly nourishing for chapped, dry skin and softens stiff connective tissue.
In addition, it has a calming effect on the tense mind and strengthens the nerves.

Pancha sneham kuzhambu is excellent for general weakness, recovery after illness or injury and aging complaints.
It helps build weakened muscle tissue.
The oil also has a nourishing effect on the skin and underlying connective tissue.

Spread the massage oil on the places where necessary and massage.
Keep in mind that this rich, thick oil remains greasy for a long time and makes the skin sticky.
Note: May leave stains on textiles.

Sesame oil, castor oil, ghee, coconut oil, Gmelina arborea, Aegle marmelos, Stereospermum suvaeolens, Premna latifolia, Desmodium gangeticum, Pseudarthria viscida, Solanum spp., Solanum surettense, Tribulus terrestris, Sida spp., Dolichos bifolrus, Gossipium arboreum, Phaselous mungo, Cedrud deodara, Plumbago indica, Alpinia galanga

Content: 150ml
Packaging: plastic bottle

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