Palo Santo disc

Palo Santo disc

Model: VM1020
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Natural incense, directly from Mother Nature

The 100% Santo Palo wood disk have a surprisingly strong and sweet-herbal scentl and provides a peaceful, warm atmosphere for you to get into a pleasant and relaxed mood.
Suitable for cleansing and meditation.

Palo santo means 'Holy wood', and it is the Spanish name for Bursera graveolens.
This tree grows in the South American Gran Chaco region (northern Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil's Mato Grosso).

Palo santo is used by shamans and medicine men in ayahuasca ceremonies, rituals, healing and treatment sessions. 
Spread the smoke to clean and purify a room or area of evil spirits and negative energies.

This holy wood comes from the Andes and is collected by locals with respect for nature: only deadwood can be harvested as cut wood does not produce the characteristic scent; it has to cure for 4-10 years before the scent  is deep enough for ceremonial use.

Slice of natural palo santo wood approx. 5 - 8 cm diameter
If smaller 2 disks are substituted

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