Om Charm

Om Charm

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Let me hear you!

The necklace features features a gorgeous Peruvian opal (the teardrop blue stone), amethyst, aquamarine, and an Ohm pendant. "Om" is the Hindu conception of the sound of the universe. How beautiful is that?

Peruvian opal is one of the most gorgeous colors know to womankind! Energetically, the stone is known for its soft, relaxing energy, which will help you to be calm and at peace. It is a 5th chakra stone (throat) and will aid communication - even difficult communication. It helps you to say what you need to say, but in a calm, sane way. This gentle and powerful stone is also known for helping one to release the trauma of old wounds.

The necklace is handmade (wire-wrapped) and is 21 cm in diameter.

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