Old Danish Beer

Old Danish Beer

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Beer with honeywine

Old Danish Beer is brewed from selected malt and hop sorts, and the good water, that is pumped up a few meters from the spring of Ørbæk on Funen.

After the brewing process 1 part of GL. Dansk Mjod is added to 4 parts of beer.

Old Danish beer is an uncomplicated, easy to drink beer, unfiltered, dark amber coloured with a firm, white collar.
It has a rich and a smoky malt aroma with a sweet undertone.

Old Danish beer is a powerful beer with a high alcohol percentage, therefor demanding respect.
Ideal as a drinking beer or served with light meals like young cheese.
Chilled it is perfect on a warm day, or served what warmer on a cold day.

The flavour is at its best when served below 10°C, with the ideal temperature at 7-8°C.
The best way to serve is to pour it a bit roughly into the glass creating a thick collar.

Contents: 75cl
Alcohol percentage: 10.15° vol
Packaging: glass bottle with cork

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