Nahua Shrub Trio (discount package)

Nahua Shrub Trio (discount package)

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Nahua Shrub Trio - 15% discount!

This artisan made shrub (drinking vinegar) is made from apple vinegar (made of fermented organic apple juice), cane sugar, fruit juice & spices... 100% pure, no additives were added.
It is not only a delicious syrup for making drinks, vinaigrettes ... it is also good for both your inner and outer health.
Available in two sizes: 150ml and 500ml.

Apple cider vinegar is definitely a superfood, chockfull of vitamins C, E, A, B1, B2, B6 and many minerals including iron, calcium, potassium and acetic acid.
It possesses anti-septic properties and activates anti-biotic processes.
By regularly using apple cider vinegar you will get more energy, your skin and hair will become more radiant ... in short, you will feel better.

  • it supports the digestive system, boosts the intestinal flora and helps the liver
  • it has a positive impact on the acidity of the body (especially with a high-protein diet)
  • it regulates blood pressureis very good for your lymph system (stimulates lymphatic drainage)
  • it speeds up your metabolism well for your waistline

Gingery Lemon shrub has a nice, oriental taste of spicy ginger with a fresh touch of tart lemon.
Minty Raspberry shrub a nice, summery taste of red fruit with a fresh touch of green mint.
Warm 'n Spicy Apple Shrub has a nice, warm taste of apple and cinnamon.


  • do not drink the shrub pure, it is too sour!
  • can be diluted with source or spray water for a refreshing (sports) drink
  • can be served (ice) chilled or hot
  • perfect as a basis for mocktails and (alcoholic) cocktails
  • as a finishing touch in vinaigrettes
  • as a surprising effect on ice cream, fruit salads, pastery
  • specific mixing instructions can be found on packaging

Tip: make the perfect sport / recovery drink for a killer workout by adding 10-15ml (gram) shrub per 100ml (gram) of spring or tap water.

Apple cider vinegar, cane sugar, fruit juices, spices

Contents: 150ml or 500ml
Packaging: glass

Additional information

The word 'shrub' is derived from the Arabic word 'sharab', which means 'to drink'.
It refers to a 'cocktail' or 'soft drink' made from a syrup based on sweeteners and vinegar mixed with fruit juices and diluted with source or carbonated water or alcohol.
The vinegar works as a preservative for fruit and these shrubs were very popular with British and European colonials in the tropics and with the inhabitants of the southern US when there were no fridges.

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