Myaxyl muscle and joint ointment

Myaxyl muscle and joint ointment

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Myaxyl, Ayuvedic pain relieving muscle and joint ointment

The myaxyl muscle and joint ointment works very well with muscle, joint and tendon problems: initially it cools the skin which tempers the pain, after which the body increases the blood supply to the treated area so that waste products are better removed and nutrients are supplied faster.
The active ingredients in the ointment slow down inflammation and calm nerve endings.
It is a small jar of 20 grams but with a lot of power because you only have to use it sparingly in a specific place to work effectively and it will last a long time.

This Ayurvedic ointment helps to quickly relieve sore muscles, joints and inflammation.

Economical to use, you only need to apply a fingertip of ointment on the pain point and spread well.

Mahanarayana Thailam (traditional Ayurvedic oil including ashwaganda and neem), camphor and ajowan.

Content: 20 grams

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