Moroccan Sandarak (Tetraclinis articulata) 60ml

Moroccan Sandarak (Tetraclinis articulata) 60ml

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Sandarak for a relaxing and calming atmosphere

This delicious, gently scented Sandarak, family of the cypress trees, has a calming effect on the nervous system and therefore a suitable incense against stress.
Can be burned on its own but because of its light scent also perfect to mix with powerful scents such as Sandalwood to soften them.

Pure resin from Tetraclinis articulata, Sandarak from Morocco.

Warm, light sweet-fruity scent with a soft balsamic cypress aroma with a very light citrus touch.

The soft scent is ideal for creating a pleasant, soothing and calming atmosphere.
It is the perfect incense to burn later in the day, ideal just before bedtime where it provides a good night's sleep with gentle dreams.
Can be burned on a charcoal tablet (a lot of smoke development) but comes 100% into its own on a sieve incense burner.
Sandarak can also be mixed with other resins to soften their scents.

Content: 60 ml
Packaging: glass

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