Miswak natural tooth brush

Miswak natural tooth brush

Model: WO-DC-002
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Miswak, the natural toothbrush with excellent antibacterial properties

The 100% natural root of the Miswak or Arak has been used for natural dental care for over 7000 years and now the World Health Organization has recommended it as a means of good oral hygiene.

What are the benefits of miswak?
Research shows that nibbling on this wood has a beneficial effect on oral hygiene because a range of abrasives, antiseptics, fluoride and other healthy substances are released that have the following properties:

  • cleans teeth and reduces plaque
  • kills bacteria and thus fights bad breath odor
  • stimulates saliva production and improves digestion
  • strengthens the gums
  • strengthens the muscles of the jaws
  • reduces mucus formation in the airways

What can you use miswak for?
The miswak can be used daily by anyone to thoroughly brush your teeth in a natural way without the need for toothpaste.
It is the zero waste solution for your dental care: ideal to take with you on a trip, especially if you do not want to pack a lot and perfect for your next outdoor adventure.

How should you use miswak?

  • chew on one end of the wood until the outer layer is gone and you are left with a bundle of fibers that looks like a brushc
  • brush your teeth with circular and vertical movements as you do with a regular toothbrush
  • do this for about 3 to 5 minutes, but longer is also allowed
  • When you are ready, cut off the used part for hygienic reasons.
  • put it upright in a glass
  • do not use the miswak for more than a few weeks also for hygienic reasons
  • Tip: keep the miswak in a glass with your favorite hydrolate, e.g. mint or sage, this gives the wood a pleasant taste

Material: Salvadora persica (miswak)
Length: about 15 cm

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