MCT oil (100 and 300ml)

MCT oil (100 and 300ml)

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Food grade MCT oil for a healthy skin

Our food grade MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides or Medium Chain Fatty Acids) also known as fractionated coconut oil is a stable oil that has many of the benefits of pure coconut oil but without the drawbacks:

  • contains a lot of vitamin E, the anti-aging vitamin par excellence that repairs skin damage and prevents the premature formation of wrinkles and pigmentation spots
  • contains a lot of caprylic acid, a substance that has purifying properties and protects the skin against harmful external influences
  • light in texture, does not feel greasy and is very well absorbed by the skin
  • it retains moisture well and moisturizes the skin
  • unlike coconut oil, it is odorless and therefore perfect as a carrier oil
  • is always liquid (unlike coconut oil) so it is more practical to use
  • has a longer shelf life than regular coconut oil
  • food grade quality can also be taken

MCT oil therefore has many applications:

  • it slows down skin aging and repairs skin damage
  • ideal as a (odorless) base oil for adding essential oil, in homemade ointments, creams, face and hair masks ...
  • has strong moisturizing properties and provides a protective layer on the skin
  • good for the treatment of unclean or acne-prone skin
  • to make bullitproof coffee

MCT oil is particularly versatile in use:

  • as a base oil for adding essential oil
  • as a general neutral massage oil
  • as a make-up remover
  • as a moisturizer

Fractionated coconut oil

Content: 100ml and 300ml
Packaging: glass

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