Matcha bamboo whisk (Chasen)

Matcha bamboo whisk (Chasen)

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Traditional Japanese tea utentil

The Chasen is used to whisk the traditional Japanese green powder tea into a delicious, healthy brew.

In Japan, the tea ceremony is seen as a social occasion; guests are served tea in a stylized ritual which creates a soothing atmosphere.
The tea ceremony experience is not only about savouring tea, it also extends to the appreciation of the tea room's decor and the tea utensils used.

Although formal tea ceremonies require one to follow rigorous rules and adopt certain manners, the basic principles can be enjoyed in a calm environment almost anywhere.
Our Matcha bowls and utentils can help you to re-create the atomosphere of the Japanese Tea Room right in your own home.

Material: bamboo
Size: H10 x D6cm

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