Massage ball Cryotherapy

Massage ball Cryotherapy

Model: VM1012
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Enjoy a beneficial massage with our Massage Ball Cryotherapy

The Cryotherapy Massage Ball is a stainless steel sphere filled with a special ice-technology gel, contained in an ergonomic holder made of sturdy ABS plastic for giving massages or for self-massages.
The ball in the holder can roll freely and without friction and can roll 360° in all directions, but you can also remove the ball from the holder.
By putting the ball in the freezer or freezer compartment of your refrigerator, you can cool it extra without it feeling clammy or starting to drip like ice packs sometimes dare to do.

You do not need any specific massage experience to immediately experience a positive effect.
Ideal for a firm muscle massage, to treat puffy eyelids or just to take a relaxing beauty massage.

The cryotherapy massage ball is practical to use, easy to carry and easy to clean.

What can you use the cryotherapy massage ball for?

The cryotherapy massage ball can be used for a multitude of applications to massage your skin, connective tissue and muscles.
You can use it anywhere on your body, including your face.

The cryotherapy massage ball is ideal for massaging the large muscles of the body.

  • to use before or after exercise
  • suitable for myofascial or connective tissue massage and (deep) muscle massage against muscle knots (trigger points)
  • helps with muscle stiffness and joint pain
  • the deeply cooled ball can relieve inflammation and increases blood and lymph flow
  • supports the breakdown of lactic acid and aids recovery after exercise
  • helps with sprains and bruises

The massage ball is also very good for massaging your face. The steel is cool enough by itself, freezing is not necessary.
It soothes heated skin and helps to reduce puffy eyelids and bags.
It is also great to take a relaxing facial massage during a stressful day.

The ball is easy to maintain and easy to transport.

How do you use the cryotherapy massage ball?

You can use the massage ball in the holder or remove the ball from the holder.

It is perfect for cryotherapy or cold therapy: the stainless steel ball is already cold by itself, but thanks to the ice technology gel inside the ball you can intensify the cold by placing it in your freezer or freezer for 2 hours; the ball will then remain cold for about 6 hours.

On the body you use the pressure you want, on the face the weight of the ball is usually enough.

You can clean the massage ball quickly and easily: just take all the parts apart, wash it with a soft soap and let everything dry before putting it back together.


Ball material: stainless steel with ice-technology gel
Holder material: ABS plastic
Overall dimensions:
Diameter ball: 8 cm
Total weight: 630 grams

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