Marco Polo's Treasure Neem and Citronella

Marco Polo's Treasure Neem and Citronella

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Ecological incense with neem and citronella, certified by Ecocert

Neem has an important place in Ayurveda because of its strong purifying properties.
Citronella has a pleasant, cheerful citrus scent that strengthens your mood.
Made according to traditional Vedic recipe.
Marco Polo's Treasures is a beautiful line of handmade, all-natural incense that is also certified organic (Ecocert).

Dry, spicy fragrance with a pleasantly soft citrus aroma.
The aroma is initially dominant without being disturbing but quickly goes to the background where it lingers for a while.

Very good home incense, helps to create a strengthening atmosphere.
This incense is also good for repelling mosquitoes.

Cymbopogon nard oil (citronella), Azadirachta indica (neem), Eucalyptus globulus Honey, coconut charcoal powder, Machilus macranta gum, Ailanthus malabarica gum, Ailanthus malabarica powder, Machilus macranta powder

10 sticks of 20 cm length

Additional information

Fiore D'Oriente was founded in 1998 with the collaboration of a number of Indian families with the aim of producing high quality incense under fair trade conditions.

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