Makko Tabu no ki (500 gram)

Makko Tabu no ki (500 gram)

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Make your own incense

Makko translate literally as "Incense Powder" but this specific powder is called Tabu no ki. 

The bark of the Machillus Thunbergii tree, an evergreen tree that grows in Southeast Asia, grounded to a fine powder.
Makko comes in four quality grades but we carry only the highest grade of Makko available: all natural, no fillers.

A faint, pleasant woody, smoky scent when burned on its own but that gets almost entirely lost when mixed and burned with other ingredients.

You can use it as a base to smolder incense ingredients over instead of a charcoal tablet, where it enhances the actual fragrance - use our Baieido White Rice Ash as a foundation for the Makko when burning natural resins, herbs, spices or other loose incense.
As it has good water soluble adhesive properties and it burns smoothly and evenly, it is great as a binder for making your own incense (cones or sticks) - it is the binder used in making Japanese incense for centuries.

500 grams

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