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Kombucha, the 2000 year old health drink

Like yogurt, Kombucha is a symbiosis of yeasts and bacteria, where added sugars are transformed into vital compounds such as glucuronic acid and vitamins, folic acid, vitamin B complex and D-lactic acid.

Kombucha is not a magic potion, but the combination of different active ingredients have a beneficial effect on the overall condition.
Properties include deacidification (breaks down uric acid in the body), diuretic, beneficial to the digestive system and intestinal flora, for a general well-being (against fatigue, apathy, stress and depression), regulatory with metabolic disorders (rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis), strengthens the immune system, fights against allergies and asthma, impacts cholesterol and is good for the circulation.

Contains natural acids and has a low alcohol level (1.5% vol.).

How to use
Dosage depends on the user, but for an optimal effect it is desirable that you drink at least 2 glasses throughout the day (more is not a problem).
In general, the effect is felt after a few weeks.

Kombucha has a characteristic sour taste; to get used to drinking it pure, we recommend that you build up the daily volume gradually.
Or you can use Kombucha as a healthy, natural cocktail by mixing it with your favorite juice.

Infusion of herbal tea and green tea, sugar, kombucha culture
Sustainable farming

Contents: 1 litre
Packaging: glass bottle

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