Coffee pot vintage look blue enamel

Coffee pot vintage look blue enamel

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Old fashioned, handmade enamel coffee pot

This enamelled coffee pot with a capacity of about 1 liter has a beautiful vintage look, blue with white dots.
Each pot is unique because it is 100% handmade, this is reflected in the paintwork and the thicker metal that is needed to make the pot by hand; mass-produced products are made with much thinner material but not our coffee pots and are therefore virtually indestructible.
The enamel layer is not only decorative but also has a number of practical advantages:

  • the surface is very smooth, easy to maintain and therefore hygienic
  • very durable and long lasting; the enamel protects the metal against corrosion, is very hard and heat resistant (virtually non-flammable)
  • has a high color fastness

Available: just the coffee pot or as a set (coffee pot with 2 coffee mugs of 300ml)

As a holder for hot and cold drinks such as coffee pot, milk jug, water pitcher, teapot ... but can also serve as elegant interior and exterior decoration, for example as a flowers pot.
Because enamel is less flexible than the metal to which it is applied, it can crack if treated too roughly and pieces can snap off.

Material: enameled iron
Color: blue with white dots
Content: approx. 1000 ml

Additional information

These products are handmade in Haiti by organizations that are honest with their staff, invest in teaching them real skills so that more opportunities can be created not only now, but also in the future.

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