Kobunboku Daikunkoh

Kobunboku Daikunkoh

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The expression of the plum tree

Kobunboku means 'plum tree', an important tree for the Japanese people as: 

  • its blossom is known as 'the flower of peace'
  • it represents the awakening of the senses, just like the appearance of plum blossom in spring represents the awakening of the earth

Daikunkoh means 'big incense' or 'long scent', referring to the long burning time (70 minutes) of the sticks.
Baieido Daikunkoh incense lines are officially recognized temple incense which is accepted and burned as an offering by all monks in any Japanese temple.

A traditional mix of sandalwood and Chinese herbs.

Very soft sandalwood scent, contains no aloeswood and therefor the aroma is somewhat crispier, dryer and woodier but still very pleasant, warm and rich.

A classic Japanese incense, suited for your daily meditation.

Content: 25 sticks of 34 cm length

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