Kansa ayurvedic massage set

Kansa ayurvedic massage set

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Traditional bronze massage tools from India

This set contains the 4 original Kansa Ayurvedic massage tools used for foot, body, face and meridian massage.
The Kanse rods are designed according to the ancient Indian Ayurvedic teachings and are made of bronze, an alloy of mainly copper with tin (Kansa is the Indian name for bronze) with wooden handles for a good, pleasant grip so that you can work accurately and effectively.
They are easy to use and no prior knowledge is required to handle them.
The rods flow smoothly over the skin and underlying tissue and follow the contours of the body very naturally.
Ideal for massaging any part of the body, for general relaxation or specifically to target tired and tense muscles.

With this set of Kansa massage tools you can use it in a wide range of massage applications:

  • foot massage rod (± 13.5 x 6.5 cm): to relax the feet or as use in foot reflexology
  • facial massage rod (± 12 x 4.5 cm): for revitalization of the face
  • body massage rod (± 18 x 9 cm): for targeting the larger muscle groups
  • Marma T-shaped rod (± 10 x 8 x 3 cm): for meridian stimulation, reflexology and trigger points

Massage helps with a multitude of physical and mental complaints: it promotes healthy skin and reduces physical (muscle) tension, pain, congestion and inflammation.
You can tackle trigger points with it, make connective tissue softer and use it for lymphatic drainage so that the body removes toxins faster.
You can stimulate your nerves with them and in ayuveda they are also used to stimulate the flow of prana, the life energy.

Apply the desired massage oil to the body part to be treated and massage gently.
After each session, it is best to clean the bronze part of the Kansa rods with a damp cloth, possibly adding a drop of essential oil of rosemary or tea tree oil.

Material: wood and bronze
Packaging: nice cardboard storage box
Country of origin: India.

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