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Japanese footmassage Zoku Shin Do

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Japanese Footmassage
Zoku Shin Do (the heart of the feet) is one of the oldest form of Foot Reflexology which can be dated back more than 5,000 years to ancient China.
In Asian medicine it is believed that the foot is a very important part of proper meridian balance and function since the foot is considered the transition area between yin (energized) and yang (relaxed) meridians. Well balanced meridians lead to well balanced health.

Frequent use of these board may have many health benefits:
It repairs disortions of the feet and by doing so one does not only improves the structure of the foot, but also improves the entire structure and alignment of the body.
Foot massage promotes proper blood flow to the feet and also restores the arch of the foot making it less tiring to walk, run or stand for long periods of time. Foot massage is not only good for the feet but also for the enire body and mind.
Other benefit attributed to Zoku shin do are alleviating tention and stress in the body such as lower back aches, shoulder and neck tension, and headaches.
This item contains 4 boards, made out of environmental EVA, each measuring 33 cm x 29 cm.
Make your prefered configuration (box, cross...) to walk or stand on.

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