Incense (granulated)

Incense (granulated)

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Assortment of beautiful incense

With this box full of wonderful aromatic resins you have everything at your command to create your own incense.
Additionally you find in the box one roll of 10 char coal tablets and a copper spoon.

Olibanum Eritrea - Boswellia papyrifera, known as the classical frankincense.
In ancient times was used for sacred functions to tune into the divine.
One of the strongest atmospheric purifiers the gentle citrus aroma is warm and soft.
It soothe the mind, induce relaxation and slows en deepens breathing
Since ages used for prayer, as a guide for spirituality and meditation.

Guggul - Commiphora mukul, from India (a.k.a common myrrh, false myrrh).
Guggul has a warm, slightly sweet, balsamic, herbaceous, and earthy aroma with hints of vanilla. Well known and widely used in Ayurvedic medicine, Guggul is said to rejuvenate oneself, increasing ones energy and providing an overall feeling of well being.
It purifies the air and cleanses the body; it is still used in India in the evening to relax before retiring to bed.

Mixes Well With:
Benzoin, calamus, cassia, cinnamon, cloves, dammar, dragon's blood, elemi, frankincense, galangal, galbanum, iris root, lavender, myrrh, oakmoss, onycha, opoponax, rose, sandarac, spikenard, star anise, storax

Myrrh (1st choice) - Commiphora myrrha, resin from Somalia.
Like francincense, Myrrh has been used since antiquity to inspire prayer and meditation, and to fortify and revitalize the spirit.
It has a warm, earthly and herbal scent.

Mixes Well With:
Amber, benzoin, calamus, cassia, catnip, cinnamon, chamomile, copal-black, cloves, dammar, dragon's blood, elemi, frankincense, galangal, galbanum, guggul, iris root, lavender, marjoram, musk seeds, oakmoss, onycha, opoponax, palo santo wood, patchouli, rose, sandarac, spikenard, star anise, storax, tonka beans

Ready to go mix with Olibanum, benzoin, myrrh, sandalwood.

Sandarac - Tetraclinis articulata, also known as avar tree.
It has a wonderful warm, light, fruity, balsamic, frankincense-like fragrance.
Sandarac's warm balsamic fragrance works well in the evenings because it relaxes, calms and eases tension, making it helpful fighting stress induced insomnia.
Sandarac is cleansing, strengthening and clarifying, thus considered a valuable aid for meditation.

Mixes Well With:
Burgundy pitch, cedar, frankincense, guggul, lemongrass, mastic, myrrh, opoponax, pine, rose, saffron, sandalwood, copaiba and Peru balsams

1001 Night
Ready to go mix with Olibanum, benzoin, myrrh, sandalwood and lavender.

Benzoin -  Styrax benzoin, from Sumatra.
This Sumatra-benzoin resin has a sweet, balsamlike fragrance resembling vanilla. It does not have a very inspiring aroma by itself but when mixed with other ingredients, it develops into a wonderful aromatic pleasure.
Benzoin is warm, relaxing and calming and as such is good to use in the evening.
It has been known to stimulate imagination and good for use in creative work, like playing/making music.

Dammar resin (white) - Shorea wiesneri, from Indonesia.
Dammar resin, also known as cat-eye resin, lifts the spirit and is said to bring light to the darkness of the soul.
Dammar resin is particularly useful to combat sadness, depression and melancholy.

Mixes Well With:
Borneol camphor, copal-gold, copal-white, copal-black, elemi, frankincense, guggul, lemongrass, mastic, myrrh, opoponax, rose, rosemary, saffron

Copal Manila (Gold Copal) - Agathis dammara - from Manila.
Gold Copal has a gentle, soft and warming fragrance.
To the ancient Mayan's, the divine god of the earth extracted copal resin from the tree of life and gave it to humans as a gift.
Copal is said to be cleansing and aid in mental and spiritual endeavors. It opens the soul and stimulates creativity and imagination.

Mixes Well With:
Benzoin, copal-black, copal-white, dammar, frankincense, mastic, palo santo wood, sage, storax, tolu balsam, tonka beans, vanilla

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