Incense Gift Pack

Incense Gift Pack

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The ultimate gift for those looking for peace and harmony

Each handcrafted gift box is embellished with ancient Tibetan symbols  for realizing perfect wisdom and compassion, and opens to reveal an assortment of enlightened incense gifts.
A meaningful present for anyone on your list, and the perfect way to reward yourself for good behavior this year!

Skilled Tibetan artisans, trained in traditional papermaking techniques, have created each box using handmade paper from the bark of the Himalayan lokta or daphne tree. Bark is sustainably harvested, thus helping to maintain Nepal's fragile ecology while generating much needed income for rural farmers and artisans.

All items are handmade in Nepal and fair trade imported.

The gift box contains
1 bodhi seed  mala
10 miniature prayer flags on a string
1 silk scarf
1 waxine candle
Assortment of Tibetan incense
  1 Boeddha shaped incense
  15 cone incense
  10 string incense
  30 stick incense (12 cm long)
  1 incense holder (both for cones and sticks)

Box measures 20  x 14  x 4 cm
Colour of box may vary

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