Incense for cleansing

Incense for cleansing

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Ritual cleansing mix

These 12 incense have fresh, uplifting scents, making them very to pleasant to use in cleansing rituals.

1. Kampfer - campher, fresh scent, works liberatin and uplifting
2. Weißer Salbei - white sage, herbal scent, strong cleansing
3. Olibanum Eritrea - incense, soft incense scent, expels negative energy
4. Copal Negro - black copal, traditional incense of (South)American natives, expels negativity
5. Bernstein - amber, illuminates and gives strength
6. Wacholderbeeren - juniper berries, fresh uplifing scent, used by sjamans from the Himalayas in their cleansing rituals
7. Süßholzwurzel - licorice, dispels negativity
8. Eukalyptus - eucalyptus, free yourself from outside influences and heavy mood
9. Eichenrinde - oak bark, gives strength and strength
10. Beifuß - mugwort, strong cleaning, offers protection and helps to release ballast
11. Drachenblut Pulver - dragon blood powder, good protector, gives courage
12. Thymian - thyme, dispels negativity, makes the life force bloom

To be burnt on a charcoal tablet.

Content: 30 grams

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