Huss n° 1 Francincense

Huss n° 1 Francincense

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Artisan incense made in Germany

The artisan family business Huss has been making traditional natural incense since 1930.

Each stick is handmade using only high quality ingredients resulting in a delicate scent.
Manufactured to perfection, these sticks burn optimal thus producing virtually no smoke.

Fine charcoal and frankincense resin.

Very soft resin scent, warm and dry.
Suble aroma that does not protrude but remains lingering in the background where it from to time pops up.

Ideal for smaller spaces or where a subtle scent is appreciated.
The sticks burn for a long time (1.5 to 2 hours) but can be easily be broken up in smaller sections if required.

Contents: 170 grams (8 round sticks 24 cm long, Ø 8 mm)
Packaged in a sturdy cardboard storage container with the porcelain closing cap doubles as stick holder.

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