Honey Distillery 50 cl

Honey Distillery 50 cl

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Danish microbrewed honey distillery

This exclusieve Honey Distillery is microbrewed in small batches.
It is an easy to drink liquor, perfect for enjoying before a meal or to be used as the alcohol ingredient in cocktails.

Distillery of honey wine, water, honey, ginger, hops, filipendula, apple, myrica

Complexe but not hard to drink semi-dry liquor, has some sweets notes but mostly a lot of warm, woody flavor from the ginger, myrica and filipendula and also the honey used in the mead.
The alcohol is warm and not hard.

To be enjoyed pure or mixed in cocktails, preferably fruit based like red fruit, berries, apples...
Can be a gin substitute.
Always serve ice cold and on ice for the best taste.

Tip: add some Tjalle Tjarvigg (harshout) to the bottle for some extra aroma.

Contents: 50cl
Alcohol percentage: 40°vol
Packaging: glass jug with cork

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