Hiddensee Thor hammer (replica)

Hiddensee Thor hammer (replica)

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Hiddensee Thor's hammer, from Danish royalty

This impressive pewter Thors hammer (7 x 7 cm) is a beautiful full size replica of one of the pendants from the Hiddensee treasure that was found in 1873.
Dating back to the 10th century, this original solid gold jewel is a mix of a pagan Thor's hammer with a Christian cross, and may have belonged to the Danish royality of the time.

Comes with a piece of black waxed cord so it's ready to wear.

It is a perfect classic Thors hammer that you can safely use for re-enactment but certainly also has enough timeless elegance to wear every day.

Thor or Donar, the god of thunder, was revered as the protector of mankind and his most important attribute, his hammer, was worn by the Germanic and Nordic peoples as a protective amulet.

Material: skin-friendly pewter, wax cord
Dimensions: 70mm x 70mm

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