Heat pad Hands (set of 5 pairs)

Heat pad Hands (set of 5 pairs)

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Keep your hands warm with Häago heat pad

The Häago hand warmers are small heat pad (6 x 10 cm) that you can put into mittens, gloves or pockets to keep your hands warm.
These warmers contain only natural ingredients iron powder, charcoal, vermiculite, water and salt, packed in a polypropylene bag.
This means you can simply dispose of it with the residual waste, no hazardous chemical waste processing is required!
As soon as you open the outer packaging, a natural exothermic or heat reaction takes place between the composition of the heat pad and the oxygen in the air.

After only a few minutes you start to feel the heat and it reaches its peak temperature after about 15 minutes.
The temperature is a pleasant 40-45°C and keeps this for about 8 hours.

Please note, this is not a hot heat patch, but it does provide an effective buffer for the cold outside air so that your body does not cool down and therefore stays nice and warm.

This heat pad is suitable for all outdoor activities that take place in cold or wet weather, ideal to have with you on winter walks, snow activities, canoe and boat trips...
You can also use it when you have to work outside in cold weather.

  1. open the outer packaging and remove the pad (be careful not to tear open the pad itself)
  2. knead and shake the sachet to mix the raw materials and expose to the air
  3. for maximum effect, place the pouch in your mittens, gloves or pocket so that the heat is concentrated
  4. after use you can put the pad with the residual waste

Quantity: 5 pairs of small heat pads

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