Head pillow wool & alpine pine

Head pillow wool & alpine pine

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These pillows are essential for a good night's sleep

These special pillows not only provide good support, they also give you more rest and relaxation while sleeping, thanks to the filling of virgin wool, Swiss pine and St. John's wort.
Say goodbye to insomnia, these pillows will help you get a deep, healthy sleep.
Made in Germany by people with disabilities.

Available in 40 x 60 cm and 40 x 80 cm.

They fit perfectly in our satin pillowcases (available in natural and blue).

Virgin wool
Virgin wool is the bulk of the filling and comes from certified sustainable sheep farms.

  • provides good, stable support for the head and neck without being too hard
  • regulates temperature: warming when it is cold, cooling when it is warm
  • absorbs sweat during sleep and releases moisture during the day so that the pillow feels fresh again at bedtime

Alpine pine shavings
The Alpine pine with its soft and subtle resin scent has been known for centuries and because of the soothing properties this wood has:

  • promotes a good night's sleep
  • has a relaxing effect on the troubled mind
  • has a positive effect on the respiratory system
  • neutralizes bad odors
  • protects against moths
  • sustainably harvested in the Alps at 2,200 m

St. John's wort
Finely chopped St. John's wort, known for its uplifting properties, was added to the filling.

Cotton cushion cover
The cushion cover is made from sustainably grown unbleached cotton and has a nickel-free zipper so you can remove the filling to wash the ticking and air the filling.

Suitable as a pillow when sleeping, but can also serve as a supporting pillow when sitting.

The cushion time can be washed at 40 ° C.
The filling only needs to be fluffed regularly and ventilated (no washing).

Material: cotton, virgin wool, Swiss pine, St. John's wort, all from sustainable sources
Dimensions: 40 x 60 cm and 40 x 80 cm

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