Hanageshiki Binchotan Incense

Hanageshiki Binchotan Incense

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Deodorizing Japanese Incense

The Kameyama Hanageshiki Binchotan incense is made from traditional Japanese bamboo activated carbon.
But instead of scent, she offers the opposite: a purely natural way to deodorize your home or workplace!

Binchotan incense produces very little visible smoke itself, but has a highly absorbent property that neutralizes unsavory odors in the room, creating a clean, pleasant odor-free environment.

The incense burns you in places where there is an unpleasant smell, it is ideal for burning in the toilet, bedroom, kitchen...
Absorbs the smell of gym clothes & shoes and other bad odors.
Perfect to take with you on a trip to take care of musty hotel rooms!

Bincotan incense can be burned where necessary.

Content: 150 grams

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