Halite salt (coarse) 1 kg

Halite salt (coarse) 1 kg

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Discover the ancient life force of halite

Halite, also known as Himalaya salt, is no less then  a miracle of nature.
This rock salt was formed 260 million years ago as a remnant of the ancient seas. The seas evaporated, depositing the salt, which over the centuries was compressed to a stone like substance.
The ancient seas  contained all the building blocks needed for life on earth.
Halite still has these life elements in their original composition and as they are colloïdal (very tiny), they are readily absorbed by our body.

How to use
Himalaya salt has many applications, amongst many for taking therapeutic baths and nasal irrigation.
Very relaxing when stressed out or fysical fatiqued, dissolve 5 to 8 spoons in a hot bath (+37 °C). Sit in it for 10 - 15 minutes.
Do not rinse or rub  the skin dry afterwards, just let it evoporate. For an optimal effect, take it easy for the next half an hour.

Contents: 1000 grams

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