Gua Sha scraper Cryotherapy

Gua Sha scraper Cryotherapy

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Gua Sha scraper for cryotherapy lymph massage

De gua sha cryotherapy is a stainless steel scraper filled with a special coolant that makes it possible to apply cold therapy; the scraper does not stick to the skin.
The gua sha is used to stimulate blood circulation, especially in the face, throat and neck, shoulders and (upper) back, but it can be used all over the body.
It has been successfully used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries to promote blood circulation and thus heal the body.
The use is simple: with the gua sha you scrape the wet or oiled skin, you determine the intensity and pressure on the skin yourself.

By adding the cold element, you get a lot of benefits on top of it.

Regular gua sha massages gives you many benefits:

  • Improved blood circulation in the skin
    By scraping the skin, you stimulate blood flow; this not only gives you a beautiful, healthy glow, it also clears up toxins, also has a positive influence on the skin aging process, counteracts inflammation and helps the skin to regulate itself again.
  • Lymphatic drainage
    Puffy or puffy skin is often the result of an accumulation of lymphatic fluid. The gua sha helps to set this fluid in motion (to drain it) so that all toxins are removed.
  • Reliefs muscle tension
    By scraping you also stimulate the underlying connective and muscle tissue.
    This will relieve muscle tension and help tired muscles recover faster.

On top of this, there are the additional benefits of cryotherapy.
Cold ensures an increased blood and lymph circulation so that more nutrients and oxygen are sent to the skin.
In addition, cold increases cell metabolism and collagen production in the skin and connective tissue.
This results in that:

  • reduce swelling and inflammation, so less redness and acne
  • the skin is lifted and strengthened
  • tighten the pores
  • skin renewal is stimulated, this gives a more youthful and radiant complexion to the face
  • headaches and skin irritation are mitigated
  • reduce dark circles and bags around the eyes

Place the gua sha in the cooler or freezer.
Use the gua sha on oiled skin, this makes the scraper more pleasant to the skin.
The scraper has an irregular circumference, you can use this to properly adjust the different contours of your body.
You can push firmly on your gua sha but make sure that it stays within the acceptable for the recipient.
The skin will look a little red after the massage and there may also be red and blue discolorations on the skin but these will disappear within 2-5 days.

Material: stainless steel with coolant from 95% water and 5% ethanol

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