Sencha nr. 21 (60 & 250 grams)

Sencha nr. 21 (60 & 250 grams)

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Authentic Japanese green tea!

Probably the most known Japanese green tea, it is not only popular in Japan but enjoyed all over the world.

Sencha is initially steam treated before further processing with hot-air drying and finally pan-frying, resulting in a pleasant sharpness and fresh flavour, qualities that are complemented by a leaf of high uniformity and rich emerald colour.

Moya sencha nr. 21 has a robust but void of bitter flavour and an obvious present fresh aroma. It has a high vitamin content, is rich in caffeïne and contains more of the beneficial nutrient catechin than other green teas.

It is a refreshing green tea that can be enjoyed at all times.

Sustainable grown sencha (green tea)

Contents: 60 and 250 grams

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