Green tea Bancha (60 and 250 grams)

Green tea Bancha (60 and 250 grams)

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Bancha, genuine Japanese green tea!

Bancha literally means 'modest tea', because it is made with the tea leaves of the third or fourth flush or which were sorted out of the sencha production.
It is equally rich in minerals but contains up to 70% less caffeine than the sencha.

The clear, light yellow-green tea has a robust but well-balanced, mild taste with a hay-like aroma.
This tea is perfect for those who want to learn to discover Japanese green tea, but also seasoned tea lovers can certainly appreciate the uncomplicated taste.

Since Bancha is very low in caffeine and gentle on the stomach, it is a popular daily tea that can be consumed late at night without causing any sleeploss.
This green tea is also delicious with meals.

100% green tea (Camellia sinensis) from family tea plantations (Japan), grown without pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or GMOs

Content: 60 and 250 grams

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