Ghanta and Vajra

Ghanta and Vajra

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Ghanta bell
1 x Ghanta bell
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Newly made bell and sceptre

The Ghanta and Vajra (sanscrit), in Tibet known as Dril-bhu and Dorje, are the principle ritual tools of Tantric Buddhism, the ritual bell and diamond sceptre. Together they are the symbols of wisdom and method.

The combination of wisdom and method is a basic principle of Tantrism.
The Vajra is a symbol of the indestructible, the male principle, the means of salvation, the primordial condition of the individual in its aspect of unlimited manifestation.
The Ghanta is a symbol of the Void, the female principle, the means of wisdom and compassion.  
When the bell and diamond scepter come together, an inner mystical unity is achieved.

The Dorje or Vajra is always picked up first by the right hand, and then the bell or Ghanta is picked up by the left hand.

The Ghanta and Vajra are excellent focusing tools for meditation and healing, as well as a very good 'clearing' tool.

In shamanism, bells are used to summon spirits; their sound represents the element of air, the realm of the spirits.

Material: new bronze
Length vajra: 9 cm
Height ghanta: 14 cm - diamter: 5 cm

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