Germanic incense

Germanic incense

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Ritual herbal incense mix from Europe

The Germanic people of Europe were close with natur and the ritual burning of incense was a major port of their culture.
These 6 incense mixes are composed out of natural ingredients like herbs, flowers, wood and resins.

First 3 are inspired on the Germanic mythology; these are best burned after sunset.

Wodans incense
For connecting with the divine; gives inspiration and courage
Lady Holda incense
Connects one with the earth and attracks fertility
Ahnen incense
For connecting to the forfathers; finding your heritage

A second set consist out of incense for white witches; dawn is the best time to burn these incense.

Witches incense for witches
A herbal scent for connecting to other witches
Witches incense against evil witches
Offers protection against the evil eye, spells...
World tree
Give directions, protects and establish contact with all the worlds

15 grams/individual box

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