Genmaicha green tea (60 & 250 grams)

Genmaicha green tea (60 & 250 grams)

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Authentic  Japanese green tea!

Genmaicha or roasted rice tea is a mellow blend of roasted green tea (Sencha) and puffed brown rice grains (Genmai)  that is well-loved by green tea fans in both Japan and the rest of the world.

The puffed rice adds a delicious popcorn-like taste to Genmaicha.
The roasted aroma of Genmai teas has the effect of lightening the bitterness of the Sencha. Therefor this tea can be infused with high temperature water and for longer infusion periods than most Japanese green teas.
The Genmaicha tea is seen as a modest source of vitamin B1 and like the Houjicha contains not much caffeine, so it can be drunk late into the evening without fear that it will disturb sleep.

Sustainable sencha (green tea), roasted rice

Contents: 60 or 250 grams

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