Gem stone bracelet Venusia (Jaspis, Angelite, Rhodonite)

Gem stone bracelet Venusia (Jaspis, Angelite, Rhodonite)

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Very nice bracelet with protective gemstones Jasper, Anhydrite and Rhodonite

This beautiful bracelet for him and her exudes elegance and tranquility.
You can wear it for its spiritual value, just casual for its beauty but it certainly suits more formal occasions as well.

The Venusia bracelet consists of polished beads (8mm) of Jasper, Anhydrite and Rhodonite and has 2 different charms in 316L surgical steel in ionized silver color.

Symbolism of Grey Leopard Jasper
Jasper was already used in prehistoric times for the manufacture of the first stone tools and the Egyptians used it to make amulets in the shape of a scarab, symbol of eternal life.
This protective stone is strong grounding and allows you to stand up for yourself. It gives courage and decisiveness.

Symbolism of Angelite
It is said that the light blue color of this stone illustrates the soul of angels.
It is a very protective gemstone that brings serenity and compassion.

Symbolism of Rhodonite
Rhodonite was often worn as a protective amulet in classical antiquity, especially the Greek and Roman Empire.
The gemstone brings love, compassion and protects against emotional stress and sadness.

Composition: polished jasper beads, rhodonite, anhydrite, 316L surgical steel charms
​Diameter beads: 8mm
One size fits all

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