Gem stone bracelet (Tiger eye, Lava stone, Hematite) for two

Gem stone bracelet (Tiger eye, Lava stone, Hematite) for two

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2 very nice, protective bracelets with tiger's eye, lava stone and hematite

This set of two identical bracelets, ideal to share with a loved one: these beautiful and elegant gemstone bracelets protect and connect the wearers with each other.
You can wear it for its spiritual value, just casual for its beauty but it certainly suits more formal occasions as well.

The bracelet Volcano consists of polished beads (8mm) of tiger's eye, lava stone and hematite.

Symbolism of tiger eye
Tiger's eye is a protective stone that provides insight both inwardly and outwardly. In the Middle Ages, tiger's eye was worn to detect dangers in time and to ward off evil spirits. Wear tiger's eye in difficult times to receive insight, strength, courage and confidence.

Symbolism of lava stone
Lava stone is born from the primordial power of volcanoes where fire and the earth are transformed :
The fire invigorates you, gives you courage, and makes you mentally strong and persevering while the earth tempers hubris.
Lava stone encourages you to act thoughtfully.

Symbolism of Hematite
Hematite is iron oxide that has a red color in powder form, the name is derived from the Greek word for 'blood'.
This stone is strong grounding, purifying and protective. Roman legionaries often wore hematite jewelry to staunch bleeding and to gain courage, willpower and confidence during battle.

Composition: Polished Tiger Eye, Lava stone and Hematite Beads
​Diameter beads: 8mm
2 different sizes for a larger and smaller wrist