Full body gua sha scraper

Full body gua sha scraper

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Universal gua sha scraper for the whole body

This full body gua sha scraper is suitable for a wide range of applications such as trigger point massage, lymphatic drainage, detox massage or just for a nice relaxing massage...
The ergonomic design is designed to treat the whole body, arms, legs, face, head, neck, back, chest and abdomen.
You can massage the large muscle groups or specifically target connective tissue adhesions and trigger point (muscle knots).
This massage tool works both over clothing or with oil on bare skin for a pleasant and smooth massage.

Suitable for both private and professional use.
It is easy, fast and safe to use, anyone can use this scraper for giving massage or self-massage.

The benefits of regularly scraping your entire body:

With this large gua sha scraper (16 x 34 cm) you can treat your whole body:

  • helps to prevent and treat acute and chronic muscle pain, joint pain and headaches
  • for faster recovery after workouts or physical exertion
  • Helps/restores the flow of blood and body fluids (lymphatic drainage)
  • stimulates the production of collagen, which keeps the skin young, softens scar tissue and prevents cellulite
  • promotes joint mobility
  • stimulates the meridians, removes blockages and gives energy
  • helps in the prevention and treatment of injuries
  • excellent to give a relaxing massage

Features of the full body gua sha massage scraper

This handmade wooden scraper is specially designed to massage all body parts, large and small, in a simple way without tiring your hands and fingers!

  • Made of solid wood that will not split or break with frequent and long-term use
  • Untreated and chemical-free, this massage tool feels natural and very pleasant on the skin
  • Long handle with curve for a firm and comfortable grip
  • Five cavities that fit the contours of your body
  • Four perfectly cut tips for deep tissue release
  • Smoothly finished curves that allow pressure to be applied without sharp pricking
  • Due to the polished finish, this Gua Sha glides easily over both the skin or clothing
  • Light weight and easy to carry, perfect tool for the gym, traveling, outdoor activities or sports
  • Easy to maintain, you can wash the scraper with some soap and water (then dry thoroughly) and possibly disinfect with disinfectant spray.

How to use this big gua sha scraper?

You can use the full body gua sha scraper on yourself or someone else:

  • You choose to use it over your clothes or directly on the skin;
  • On bare skin, first apply some massage oil, this ensures that the scraper glides pleasantly over the skin.
  • Now massage the chosen body part, use the cavities to massage the large parts and look for the places where you feel some tension, pinching, muscle pain or muscle knots.
  • Once you've found a problem spot, you can use the protrusions to massage deeper.
  • After the treatment, rinse the scraper with some water (possibly with some soap) and pat dry before putting it away.


Material: Highly polished wood
Dimensions: length 34 x width 16 cm
100% natural and handmade, item may differ from model shown

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