Fukamushi cha Urara 80 grams (steamed green tea)

Fukamushi cha Urara 80 grams (steamed green tea)

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Fukamushi Cha, special deep-steamed Japanese green tea

This specially treated sencha has a powerful, sweet and rich taste and will delight everyone, even those who are not yet fond of green tea.
The special taste of fukamushi cha Urata is made possible by steaming the freshly harvested young tea leaves for a very long time and then rolling them when they are dried.
This breaks some of the leaves and releases a coarse tea powder, giving the cup of tea a thicker, fuller mouthfeel.

The Fukamushicha Urara is also perfectly suited for Mizudashi cha or cold infusion and can be poured several times.

The deep steaming process reduces the raw, grassy and astringent taste of green tea and you get a sweeter cup with more body, more robust taste and a softer mouthfeel. The aftertaste is also quite mild.

You can safely drink this Japanese green tea every day, especially if you want to insert a special tea moment.
The tea contains a strong portion of caffeine which has a natural stimulating effect, it is best to drink:

  • in the morning
  • when you need a boost
  • ideal to end a meditation
  • a solid yoga session before the start

To brew Fukamushi cha you need a fine-mesh sieve (separate sieve or incorporated in your teapot) otherwise you will get small leaf pieces in your cup.
Also let this tea steep on less hot water; this prevents the bitter and tannins from being released too strongly and you get the desired sweet and delicate aroma.

Sustainable sencha (Japanese green tea), grown without pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or GMOs

Content: 80 grams
Packaging: resealable pouch

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