Excellent Koh En Daikunkoh

Excellent Koh En Daikunkoh

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Koh En, exceptional Japanese incense with Vietnamese Aloeswood

Koh En is an incense with exceptionally high quality aloeswood from Vietnam that is only burned on special occasions.
Daikunkoh means 'big incense' or 'long scent', referring to the long burning time (70 minutes) of the sticks.
Baieido Daikunkoh incense lines are officially recognized temple incense which is accepted and burned as an offering by all monks in any Japanese temple.

A traditional blend of very high quality Vietnamese aloeswood with herbs and spices.

Recognizable aloeswood scent, warm and pleasant; complemented by a complex nose of herbs and spices.
The aroma is rich and lingers for a long period of time in which the scent keeps developing and changing constantly.

This exceptional incense is reserved in Japan for special occasions and is often given to family and close friends as a token of friendship and appreciation.
These long incense sticks can also be burned in any temple.

Content: 25 sticks of 34 cm length

Additional information

Baieido has been producing high quality incense since 1657, using only natural raw materials that burn very cleanly, with little to no smoke development and no harmful substances.

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