EPHA natural candle pearls (color options)

EPHA natural candle pearls (color options)

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EPHA candle beads, the creative and ecological mood lighting

EPHA candle beads provide beautiful mood lighting and they are also the perfect alternative to traditional paraffin candles and tea lights.
EPHA's candle beads are handcrafted, are 100% natural, GMO-free plant-based and made without paraffin, so they are completely safe and biodegradable. The pearls themselves release virtually no aroma when roasted, so they do not disturb.

This package contains 500 grams of candle beads and 20 candle wicks of 10 hours burning time each, good for the equivalent of 10 regular candles.

Available colours: anthracite, white and purple

What are the benefits of EPHA candle beads?

With EPHA candle beads, you can really let your creativity run wild:
Any refractory container is suitable for putting the pearls in: remanufacture glass jars, old glasses, deep bowls... decorate with pieces of wood, star anise, cinnamon, dried flowers...
Everything is possible to give the candles your personal touch.
Finally, you can perfume the candle grains with our essential oils by dripping a few drops next to the wick before lighting your candle; as a result, the room will smell wonderful with your favorite aroma.

They are sustainable in many aspects:
 They are made without GMOs, without paraffin, completely plant-based and biodegradable. It is a positive and eco-friendly alternative that respects both your well-being and our planet.

They don't contain any chemicals because, unlike most traditional candles, they're not made from paraffin, a fossil substance derived from petroleum. When paraffin is burned, toxins are released into the air that you then breathe.

When the wick is completely burnt out, all that remains is a small melted lump of wax that you can easily remove and throw on the compost heap. You can use the rest of the pearls again.

How do you use EPHA candle beads?

The supplied wicks have a melting diameter of 3-4 cm. We recommend using a holder that is wider than the melting width, if the candle wick burns out you can easily remove the melted wax cube while you reuse the remaining pearls for your next creation. You can safely throw the wax cube on the compost heap!

Make sure that the wick protrudes about 1 cm above the candle beads without touching the bottom of the holder; This ensures that the melted wax lump does not stick to the bottom and you can easily remove it.

You can save the remaining grains for next time, so you can make optimal use of the raw material.


500 grams of Candle beads, 100% plant-based and RSPO certified (traceability of raw materials and guaranteed sustainable cultivation), vegan and cruelty-free.
20 cotton candle wicks or candle wicks of 5 cm, each good for a burning time of 10 hours

Not tested on animals.

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