Enso Pearl Timer / Clock

Enso Pearl Timer / Clock

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A unique timer for yoga, meditation, for travel or home

When you are not meditating or doing Yoga, the Enso Clock is elegant enough to be used as a desk clock on your table. The size is very suitable for travel - the clock face is slightly larger than the top of a tea cup, and there is a travel pouch included with the clock.
Designed for practitioners and teachers of yoga and meditation, the Enso Pearl yoga-timer draws its name from the Japanese word for circle, a shape that commonly symbolizes enlightenment, elegance, and the universe, created in one single brushstroke.
Like a painter drawing this divine circle, rather than counting time with minute and second hands, the Enso Pearl features a circle that slowly and unobtrusively draws itself along the perimeter of the display to mark the passing time. When you occasionally open your eyes to glance at the clock, you will find yourself undistracted.

All features and technical specifications in one view:

  • Time Function
  • Clock (12- or 24-hour)
  • Alarm Clock
  • Countdown- and Count-up Timer
  • Time select by second
  • Intervals per Timer (minimum: 1 Interval - maximum: 50 Intervals)
  • Timer Storage (3 memory locations)
  • Soothing Sounds in 16-bit sound quality: Tibetan Singing Bowl, Tingsha (bell), Moktok (wooden blocks), Beep.
  • Integrated stand

Interval function
The Enso Pearl yoga-timer also allows you to set a maximum of no less than 50 sequential timers that run one after the other to compose an overall session. In this way, you can create your own individual sequence of Yoga-set of meditation-series.

Natural sounds
The Enso Pearl yoga- and meditation timer offers soothing chimes and sounds that sound naturally like original, actual Japanese and Tibetan rice bowls. Instead of startling you out from a meditative state, these original sounds gently bring your awareness back to the world around you. Best of this: you can select out of four different sounds!:
A tibetan soundbowl, a Tingsha (a small meditation bell), a Moktok (Japanese wood percussion sound) or a regular, yet gentle beep. New: now with enhanced 16-bit sound quality! When the acoustic signal resounds, simultaneously the display is gently lit.

Setting the time by second
The new Enso PEARL yoga timer gives you the possibility to set the time in steps of single seconds. In this way, you can now time sequences such as 1 ½ minutes or any desired, smaller time intervals.

Memory function
The Enso Pearl yoga timer has a memory function which allows you to store three different timings – it is like using three different timers at the same time.

Count-down and count-up timer
You can easily use the Enso Pearl yoga timer as cont-down timer to mark the length and the end of your yoga exercise, mediation or therapeutic session. At the end, the selected acoustic signal will resound. When in the position zero (0), you can press the start button, and the Enso Pearl will count upwards and work as a count-up timer with no acoustic signal.

Alarm clock function
You can use your Enso Pearl timer as alarm clock. Once the desired time has been reached, the selected acoustic signal will resound. The display will show you when the alarm function is activated.

Materials: Grey rubber-coated plastic case with champagne and chrome color accents
Diameter: 9.7 cm
Height: 2.1 cm
Weight: 120 grams
Power: 2 AAA batteries

Comes along with
Convenient Carrying Pouch
Welcome Guide in english language plus detailed instructions for use in English, German and French
2-AAA batteries

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