Drinking horn in forest glass + iron holder

Drinking horn in forest glass + iron holder

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Beautiful set of glass drinking horn (0.5 liter) in forest glass and wrought iron holder

With this set you can optimally use the forest glass drinking horn.

This very beautiful and exclusive drinking horn (50cl) is special because it is completely handmade from reproduction forest glass (in German Waldglas), a green-coloured historical glass type. The color comes from the raw materials used: sand, quartz and ash from wood.
The original production of this glass mainly took place in northwestern Europe, approximately from the 11th to the early 18th century.

This glass horn is finished with ridges for a comfortable, firm grip even when the glass is damp.
With a thickness of almost 8 mm, this glass is extra strong and can easily take a beating.

The horn made of twisted wrought iron is suitable for presenting the drinking horn forest glass.

Suitable for the consumption of all cold to lukewarm drinks.

Drinking horn material: hand-blown forest glass
Length: 40 cm
Content: 50 cl
Holder material: wrought iron